Monday, November 15, 2010

Ants in my Pants

This morning, as I was making my usual knitty rounds (Ravelry, blogs, Etsy shops I'm stalking casually interested in), I realized that I'm starting to feel frustrated with my knitting. Again. I'm getting anxious with my WIPs, and I needed a pick me up. Something to take the edge off, something to make my knitting feel shiny and new. I needed a hit, a rush of knitterly adrenaline, so to speak.

There are many ways to achieve that high, I suppose. Casting on for a completely new project is a gimme, but it's a short-term fix at best, as "impulse" cast-ons often end up in exactly the same place as impulse purchases - at the bottom of the closet.

Stash therapy enhancement is another wonderful way to bask in the glow, to get psyched about knitting even when you can't actually knit Right. Now. Even if you don't actually KNIT the yarn you purchase right away, it's still going BE there when you need it.

So there I was, anxiously looking at SOCK yarn of all things (I'm looking at YOU, Dawn and your never-ending supply of Hazel Knits!!!), and I had an epiphany: I'm not bored with me WIPs at all. I don't need a new project or new yarn to get jazzed about my knitting. What I really need is TIME. Time to relax and indulge in the fabulous projects I've got on the needles right now.

Which leaves me with 2 questions: can I buy that on Etsy? And do they take PayPal?

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

Well put. My mojo's been suffering lately too, and I think it's the same ill that you've just described. I'd like some concentrated knitting time - not just stolen moments here and there... :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I am so super jealous as well of Dawn's HK stash. She apparently lives in the same state as the chicka who dyes it and I think her LYS regularly carries it. Or something. I could be mistaken. Regardless, that stuff is nice.

Uhm, can I buy time too? I have cash, credit, and paypal. LOL. I need more time too.

Sinéad said...

Time is the mortal enemy of Mojo. Time is mojos Kryptonite, it sucks the enjoyment out of knitting. In an ideal world we'd all live on a commune with no clocks, no work & no interruptions! Bliss.