Sunday, November 14, 2010

C is for Cookie

Whenever I take Maxime with me to do the groceries, I always wind up buying way, WAY more than I had planned to. Cupcakes, 3 different kinds of breakfast cereal, crackers, juice boxes... You name it, it makes its way into the cart. So when he stopped in front of the cake and cookie decoration section this morning, I was prepared for his enthusiastic "On achète ça, Maman !" and trying to figure out how I was going to put the stuff back on the shelf without him noticing.

But then I thought "Well, why not? I The kids love baking, and letting them both decorate their own cookies could be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon". In the cart it all went, and after lunch I dusted off the gingerbread man cookie cutter my friend Robyn gave me last year.

The actual making of the cookies took a little longer than expected (note to self: before psyching children up about a fun cookie decorating project, read through the recipe, paying particular attention to things like "Let the dough chill for 2 hours"), but the kids loved decorating their little gingerbread dudes.

2 of Émilie's 3 cookies.

The third cookie didn't live very long, heh.

Maxime's little masterpieces.

Phil and I both decorated our gingerbread dudes with knitwear.

I also attempted to make a Super Gingerbread Man, but had a bit of trouble with the S, so now he's just Super 6 Gingerbread Man.

It was good fun. I'd never made gingerbread men cookies before, I don't think I've even ever eaten any before today! Definitely something we'll do again.

Alright, I'm off to knit for... oh.... 15 minutes. It's been a tiring weekend, and I need my rest. After all...

... we've got to go back to climbing the corporate ladder tomorrow, heh.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Glad you used the Cookie Cutter! Ok, now you are severely torturing me. I've been CRAVING Gingerbread cookies. You're sooooo evil!

Love the way yours were all decorated.

sapphireblue said...

I would so eat those. I don't care what they look like. They are very nicely decorated.

Mrhide said...

love the scarf :)

kate-the-enabler said...

They are too beautiful to eat (and I don't like gingerbread...sadly..) I'm glad you photographed them before the slaughter...they're brilliant - looks like a very fun day chez dear. :)