Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'll never learn...

Another cool thing about my fancy pants Professional Librarian job is that I get every second Friday off. I call them Magic Fridays. For 2 weeks I dream about the coming Magic Friday, how I'll spend the entire day in my jammies, drinking tea, watching movies and making fabulous progress on my current slog of a WIP. Somehow it never quite works out that way though. I wind up making various appointments, catching up with friends, running errands I've been putting off, and before I know it, the kids are back from school and daycare, Phil's home from work, and another Magic Friday has passed me by.

How does that happen, anyway? Is it a working mother thing or just a Tara thing? Why can't I just relax and spend the day being lazy doing what I want to do? It's as though I'm SO psyched at how incredibly productive I could be without the kids (and Phil) needing my attention that I invariably wind up scheduling a massive amount of things into what's really only a short 6 hours.

Take tomorrow: I'm planning to run, go for some long overdue personal grooming, meet my mother for a tea and a catch-up and kick off my Holiday shopping. Exactly WHEN am I supposed to get my knit on, anyway???

This weekend is when. I'm attending Anne Hanson's workshops with the Montreal Knitting Guild with Kate-the-Enabler and Robyn and a bunch of other local fabulous knitters, and I am so psyched, I can't even tell you.

Meantime, I'll be knitting the never-ending cardigan...

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I also have no idea where the days goes, even when I was on modified rest. I'd think "OH I'll get this knitted, or that crochet"... ya right! Chores still have to get done.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the workshop! Praying my water doesn't break before then...!

sapphireblue said...

Yup. I have to work 1 weekend a month which give me a Friday and Monday off when the baby is in daycare and older daughter is in school. I'll say,"I'm going to finish up ___ project." Never happens. End up goofing off with the computer, going to grocery store, washing laundry, trapped into what's on TV. You're right, by the time you get ready to do knitting, it's time to start dinner and pick up kids.