Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I stayed home with Émilie today. Her stomach seems to be on the mend, but she ran a fever all day, so we spent the day in our jammies, watching Harry Potter movies.

In other words, I had a lot of time to knit today.

The second installment for the Woolly Wormhead mystery hats came out yesterday, and managed to finish knit the brim and body of Pattern B.

I just love how it's knitting up, the yarn is so luminous, I kept thinking of Sting's Fields of Gold while I was working the stitches this morning. The only thing that concerns me at this point is what I'm going to do with the rest of the skein when this hat is done, because Lord knows I don't want any of this scrumptious yarn going to waste, you know? LOVING. IT.

Pattern A, on the other hand, had been giving me a hard time since I cast on. I had selected a lovely Jade green yarn (Madelinetosh Pashmina. I know. Take a moment, I'll wait.), but was concerned when the pattern involved cabling. The cables just weren't coming out in the pattern, and I felt like the yarn wasn't being used to its full potential.

See what I mean? The cables just don't "pop", and this stuff is just too good to be knitted up in a way that was going to leave me thinking "Meh! it's alright, I guess".

Meh? This is Pashmina we're talking about here! There will be no meh associated with Pashmina! Naturally, I ripped it. The only question was what yarn was going to be taking its place?

Luckily, I just happened to have another skein of Pashmina, this time in the Calligraphy colourway (a lovely silver grey with a hint of rose). It's knitting up beautifully. If I'd been able to wrench myself away from it long enough to take a picture, you'd see.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

Well of COURSE that was the right choice for substitution. It'll do those cables justice and I can't wait to see it. Really hoping Miss. Em feels better NOW - it sounds like a pretty unpleasant 48 hours for you all.s

sapphireblue said...

Yeah, unfortunately, the darker colors won't show of a cable. It still looks beautiful. I love that golden color! I really need to do a mystery knit. It sounds like fun.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

If you don't want your Jade Madelinetosh Pashmina, I will totally take it off your hands. OH MY THE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

Sounds nice to sit in jammie's all day and watch HP with Émilie. I wish when my boys were "sick", they'd stay put and watch movies too - but toddlers do not have that kind of attention span. I wish! Eventually. :)