Friday, November 12, 2010

My Enabler Gave Me Permission

When I told Kate-the-Enabler that I had signed up for NaBloPoMo, she was - as ever - supportive and enthusiastic, and even pledged to comment on each post (and not just with "Yeah, totally!"-like comments, either). She also told me that posts consisting of "I don't feel like blogging today, be back tomorrow" would be perfectly acceptable.

Luckily, I'm actually enjoying blogging daily, even though I wonder if my readers will go into Dear overload before the month is out. But sometimes there aren't enough minutes in the day, and I'm forced to put out a sub-par post just for the sake of it, something I don't really enjoy doing.

I've had a pretty busy morning at work (taking 2 days off to care for a sick child will do that), and I'm off to a friend's birthday soirée tonight. I doubt I'll get any knitting done today, much less have time to put out a "proper" post.

So there. My Enabler gave me permission to cop out on blogging from time to time. I'm here, and I'll catch you on the flip side with a fabulous, smörgåsbord-of-knit post tomorrow.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

You betcha :) besides - you've written a post that lets us know how you are, and what you're up to today. I actually think that DOES consist of a 'real' post. So there ;) Have fun tonight. See YOU on the flip side.
(have I missed any posts yet? I'm going to have to go back an read them, 'cos I have this dreadful feeling that I've missed a comment somewhere...)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Posts like this are completely acceptable. And hey - I comment daily too! Or every few days catching up on a few posts at a time (whenever my - WHICH IS STILL RUNNING BY THE WAY!) did you know that??? lets me know that you've updated :)

Have a GOOD weekend!

Ah, so you are going to the birthday shindig tonight - HAVE FUN!

~RaenWa~ said...

I say on the days you don't have much to say just slap up a picture lol. Sometimes its hard to find something to say everyday.

Rhonda said...

I read EVERYTHING you write, and I enjoy it all! I also seriously envy the beautiful yarn I never have the chance to see in person.
And not to "darken your day", but the whining of the 6 year is preparation for the hormonal hysteria of the 12 year old girl. Good times...Good times.
Your room is here, and the futon is ready, in case you need it.

Maryse said...

I admire that you post every day! As for me who I "read" posts every day, is there a group for that? ;-) Just kidding... Have a great weekend! Love your Woolly Wormhead's!

Sinéad said...

Nothing wrong with this post that I can see, it's fine!
BTW love the hat in your last post, Pashmina. OMG.